Cymatics Academy The Master Collection

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Cymatics Academy The Master Collection

Cymatics Academy The Master Collection

Before we decided to create, we were actually taking on another major project:

We were attempting to build an ultimate collection of packs that would be applicable to absolutely everything and inspirational to everyone!

This project was way more challenging than we expected though, because not only did we want to provide sounds for different genres, but we also wanted to include patches for Massive, Sylenth, Serum & more!

But after pouring months of hard work and thousands of dollars into this, we ended up with an incredible collection of 7 different packs that fills every single gap in your production.

And this collection doesn’t just consists of a few samples and presets… It’s as valuable as our legendary packs like TitanInfinityNuclear, and Helix, making it the biggest bonuses we’ve ever offered!

Master Collection Specs:

➜ Sample Pack: 400 Samples & Loops
➜ Serum Presets: 150 Presets
➜ Massive Presets: 50 Presets
➜ Sylenth1 Presets: 50 Presets
➜ MIDI: 100 MIDI Files
➜ Foley: 332 Foley Samples
➜ Project Files: 2 Project Files for Ableton / Logic Pro / FL Studio WAV / MIDI | Serum / Massive / Sylenth1 Presets | Ableton / Logic Pro / FL Studio Projects