Sonokinetic Vivace v1.2 KONTAKT

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Sonokinetic Vivace v1.2 KONTAKT

 Sonokinetic Vivace v1.2 KONTAKT

Music is magical. It knows a way to express every human feeling and emotion. There’s no language that compares to the communicative power of a musical motif. Vivace speaks the tongue of Fables, Myths and Sagas. Get on board and experience a sampling instrument like no other before and enrich your sound palette with exclusive musical colours.


We set out to match and then advance the full orchestral sampling line we began in 2011 with the ground-breaking and highly user-friendly composing tool, “Tutti”. Where that package brought us the dark side, “Vivace” guides us through a magical and mystical land of inspired symphonic cinematic orchestral effects, patterns, atmospheres and moods.

Vivace features tempo-synced tonal cues, each recorded in all 12 keys utilising our ITM (Intelligent tempo mapping) system so that every sample is automatically integrated perfectly into any arrangement. The pressure of tight deadlines always interferes with the creative process so we believe Vivace is an essential tool to keep orchestrating craftsmanship high in production schedules with tight deadlines and on demand client expectations.

Vivace is a dedicated performance sampling library that continues building the Sonokinetic legacy in original one-of-a-kind sampling tools for professional composers and sound designers. A vast collection with over 16,000 samples (32,000 total combination of 16 and 24 bit) propels this impressive library to new heights.

Sonokinetic is proud to set a new standard with this instrument that functions not only as a composer and sound designer’s tool but also as a learning environment: With Kontakt 5 we have upscaled the full score view to provide you with a better look under the hood and guide you through every step in full section score view.

Again, Sonokinetic sticks with its unbeatable pricing module and high quality sampling. This package is priced so competitively it really is hard to resist. We’re proud to present this instrument to composers of every level as Vivace comes shipped with the free Kontakt Player and appears integrated within the Kontakt Library panel.

Just as we have been inspired during the creation of Vivace, we hope you are moved by the sonic possibilities to blend new orchestral FX and colours like never before.

We wish you the best inspiration and creativity.

Vivace is supplied with both 16 bit and 24 bit sample content. We recommend that you keep a copy of all the content as a backup in the event that your system requirements change in the future.

Chord & Melody Ambiences:
A mixture of slow major and minor key ambiences rooted in one key or with one held note. All keys. Harmonics:
Combination of sustained and crescendo chords. All keys.

Chord Patterns:
Riffs based around distinct themes of action, drama and mystery. All keys. Inceptive Brass:
Playable powerful brass with keyswitching for note length and staccato, short and long crescendos.

Expressionists & Tutti Suspense:
Uncomfortable discordant patterns featuring only strings.+ Suspended discordant motifs for bridging or ending phrases. One key. Shocks & Stabs:
Hits, smashes and staccato stabs. 4 variations of each. One key.

Runs & Endings:
One-shot & Tempo synced tutti runs & finale motifs. All keys. Transitions & Themes:
Tutti motifs and sustained high-register tutti phrases.All keys.

DFD Tempo Lite
This category features the same patches as above but they have a far smaller RAM requirement (around 20%) and stream the majority of sample content directly from the disc. These are useful for those with a smaller RAM capacity or using SSD drives. Note that individual mic and section samples are not available within these patches if TMpro mode is selected.

Vivace Bonus
A selection of bonus content from Sonokinetic ‘Tutti’ library including tension builders, glissandi clusters and crescendo and a selection of Big Smash impacts.

Technical content details
9 channels available, of which 8 to mix: Pre-mixed ‘Tutti’ channel, 3 Mic position channels and 5 cue group channels. Mix each Vivace cue specifically to your taste. Set global variations or for each individual cue.
Up to 3 additional multiple recordings of some motifs, available as variations.
FX at your fingertips. Configure 4 band EQ and in-built reverb to match your other libraries.
Samples recorded in the same environment as Sonokinetic ‘Tutti’ allowing seamless integration.
Assign your favourite cues to keyswitches
19 patches in total with multiple cues within each patch.
33922 samples: 2x sample pool (16 & 24 bit) (full version sample pool 27,56 GB content: 16bit: 9,41GB & 24bit: 18,15 GB)
Royalty and copyright free content license. (English & German)
Vivace Reference manual (pdf).
Artwork : “Vivace” dvd cover. Designed by Pavel Fuksa
Programming : “Vivace” Kontakt script and instruments by Son Thomsen
Compositions by Piotr Musial.

Format: 44.1 kHz NCW (AIF)
Loads in Kontakt Library tab
Programmed for Kontakt 5.02 and above.
Compatible with free Kontakt Player.


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